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  • balance
    Does Hearing Loss in One Ear Affect Balance?
    You might have noticed that your balance isn't as good as it used to be, mostly if you've only lost hearing in one ear.
  • Hearing Loss Holidays
    Handling Hearing Loss During the Holidays
    Untreated hearing loss has often been linked to depression and feelings of loneliness. People with hearing loss often find it difficult to interact with others, and they often feel isolated as a result.
  • Traveling with Hearing Aids
    Holiday Traveling Tips With Hearing Aids
    If you want to experience an easy and comfortable trip with your hearing aids, here are some holiday traveling tips that will make traveling with your hearing aids more manageable.
  • Upper Respiratory Infections
    How Can Upper Respiratory Infections Affect Tinnitus?
    Allergy season, congestion, excessive ear wax, and respiratory infections can lead to pressure build-up in the inner ears. This pressure can ultimately lead to a condition called tinnitus.
  • Bluetooth Hearing Aids
    Hearing Aids with Bluetooth Capability
    With the recent advancement in Bluetooth technology, you can now connect and stream from a plethora of devices with ease.