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Healthy Hearing: New Year's Resolutions

The new year is here, and people worldwide are making a list of resolutions to improve their lives. While these resolutions can be about virtually anything, a large number of them focus on health improvements. Despite the increased focus on health, ear health and improved hearing are often completely ignored by most people. Here are four New Year's resolutions you need to make this year to ensure you have healthy hearing for many years to come.

Use Ear Protection

Ears are not able to handle prolonged noises over 70 decibels without getting damaged. Unfortunately, there are a large number of everyday items that far surpass this noise threshold. Lawnmowers, power tools, motorcycles, and blenders can all exceed 100 decibels. Since it is impossible to avoid loud noises completely, it is important to protect your ears. Make sure to wear earplugs or earmuffs any time you are exposed to loud noises.

Turn Down Headphone Volume

Turning up the volume on your headphones when watching a movie or listening to a great song is very tempting. The increased noise may improve the listening experience, but it is very damaging to your ear health. Permanent ear damage can occur after just 15 minutes of loud headphone usage. There is an even bigger risk of damage when using earbuds because they sit close to the eardrums. Try to listen at 50 percent of your device's maximum volume.

Stop the Usage of Q-Tips

Nobody wants to walk around with dirty ears, but using Q-tips is never the answer. They do far more damage than good. Did you know you are actually pushing wax down your ear every time you use a Q-tip? This compacts the wax deep into your ear, which can lead to hearing loss and eardrum damage. There are plenty of safe alternatives, so you have absolutely no reason ever to use Q-tips in your ears again.

Get Your Hearing Tested

There is no better way to monitor your ear health than by getting regular hearing tests. It is impossible to reverse hearing loss after it occurs, so it is important to catch any problems as early as possible. This will allow you to protect your hearing for many years in the future. While everyone should get regular hearing tests, they are even more important if you currently have trouble hearing.

Call Us Today

It is now time to start being proactive about your ear health. Call us today with any questions or concerns about your hearing. We will have no problem giving you expert advice while also helping you schedule your next hearing test.

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