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Traveling with Hearing Aids

Holiday Traveling Tips With Hearing Aids

Do you have a big holiday, event, or travel destination that you're looking forward to? If you want to experience an easy and comfortable trip with your hearing aids, here are some holiday traveling tips that will make traveling with your hearing aids more manageable.

Don't Leave Them Behind

Hearing aids are comfortable and gently slip into our ear. We often forget that we're wearing them. Since our devices are so convenient, it's easy to lose them in our luggage, bathroom, or hotel. The easiest way to avoid losing your hearing aids while traveling for the holidays is to refrain from taking them out.

You know how it is: You're boarding a plane, kids are running and screaming, a loudspeaker is blaring, and you can hardly hear yourself think. When a situation like this occurs, many of us take our hearing aids out and go about our business. While it may be the easy way out, refrain from doing this as it will make losing your hearing aids much easier.

Bring Extra Batteries

Have you ever been caught in public after your hearing aid batteries die? We've all been there, and it's not a pleasant experience. If you know that you will be traveling from home for a few days or weeks during the holidays, prepare accordingly! While it may seem like an inconvenience to bring spare batteries, it's much easier than going without them.


In the days leading up to your travel date, we encourage you to clean your hearing aids before your holiday trip. When you find free time, perhaps while waiting on a flight or before bed, you can clean your hearing aids and keep bacteria at bay. This habit can also extend the longevity of your hearing aids.

Some Rules Don't Apply To You

When walking through TSA or while a plane takes off, hearing aid users are not required to remove their devices or turn them down. While most people forget this simple rule, remember that security, flight attendants, and staff members are aware of the regulations and specifications about individuals that require hearing assistance!

If you're an individual that wants to live life on their terms and experience the rich sounds of the world, contact us today! Our helpful and friendly staff are waiting to assist you with the transition into the world of hearing aids.

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