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Seek a Hearing Specialist During COVID-19

How to Seek a Hearing Specialist During COVID-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has changed a lot of how we function during our daily lives. From trading in our workplace offices for a home office to ordering groceries for delivery, there are many ways to minimize our exposure to COVID. However, the thought of visiting any healthcare facility may have you on edge. When it comes to hearing problems, you shouldn't wait it out.

New Safety Protocols Are Here For You

When it comes to seeking a hearing specialists' assistance during the pandemic, Clear Choice Hearing is open for business. Our staff has employed several new safety protocols to enhance the safety of our patients. We don't want patients to not seek help with their hearing problems due to fear of contracting the coronavirus.

Here are some of the changes you can expect when you visit our facilities:

  • Physical Barriers Like Plexiglass
  • Waiting Rooms With Social Distancing Measures
  • Appointment Only Visits
  • Loved Ones May Not Accompany You Inside (but can join via video or phone call)
  • Expect A Health Questionnaire Regarding COVID-19 Symptoms
  • Temperature Check
  • Hand Hygiene Stations
  • Limited Contact Checkout Procedures


Many of these changes were recommendations of the CDC guidelines for businesses in operation during the pandemic. When you visit our office for your appointment, expect to wear personal protective equipment (PPE) throughout your visit. Our office personal will also be wearing their PPE to ensure your safety while visiting our office.

What You Can Do

If you're currently experiencing hearing issues, you can call our healthcare professionals to discuss your symptoms. They can work to schedule you an appointment time to get your hearing assessed. We encourage our visiting patients to be mindful of others by wearing a mask or other personal protective equipment and utilizing our hand sanitation station. Please take comfort in knowing that our hearing care professionals thoroughly sanitize each surface before your visit.

Call Us Today

At Clear Choice Hearing, we're doing everything possible to ensure that our customers receive the same quality of service they're used to with the safety this pandemic requires. Whether you want to take advantage of our telehealth, curbside, or in-person services, give our office a call today to get started.

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