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New Hearing Aids

The Latest Advancement in Hearing Aid Technology

Hearing aids have developed greatly over the recent decade. They are sleeker and more technology-driven than ever before. If you're currently experiencing hearing loss, then you may be astounded to discover the many features that the latest advancements in hearing aids can offer you.

Enhanced Frequency Response And Sound Processing

Traditionally, all hearing aids were made with the concept of amplifying all the sounds in a wearer's environment. The problem with this approach is that many people experience hearing loss of only specific frequencies. For example, if you have high-frequency hearing loss, you'll want a hearing aid that amplifies the high-frequency sounds around you.

Luckily, hearing aid technology has greatly improved over recent years. Now, users can program hearing aids to amplify only the frequencies that they're unable to hear at a normal level. This allows for more crisp hearing for users.

Bluetooth Compatibility

Hearing aids are no longer just for hearing conversations around you. They are Bluetooth-enabled so that you can connect with the world and the technology around you. Whether it's streaming your favorite music or having a phone conversation with your loved one, you can do so with a Bluetooth-enabled hearing aid.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) Technology

It can be a real pain having to change your hearing aid preferences when you enter new environments. For example, you may want to have more directional hearing when you're in a noisy cafe, and you may want to have more surround hearing when you're sitting outside. Thanks to the introduction of AI, your new hearing aids will start to learn your preferences. Then, it will automatically adjust your settings to match the environment it perceives that you're in.

App-Friendly Devices

Years ago, when you wanted to adjust your hearing aid, you had to physically take it out of your ear. Then, you had to mess around with some tiny knobs and wheels to get it to change. Nowadays, you can simply pull out your smartphone. Many hearing aid manufacturers have an application that you can download onto your smartphone.

Through the app, you can adjust the settings on your hearing aids effortlessly. You can even program in presets so that you can adjust your hearing settings to any desired environment with one tap of your finger. These apps also allow you to monitor things like your battery life.

Call Us Today

As you've discovered, there are many awesome technological updates that have been made to hearing aids. From integrating your phone calls to artificial intelligence reading your surroundings, hearing aids are more capable than ever. If you're interested in getting yourself a set of new hearing aids, simply give our friendly staff a call today to get started.


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